Louis T. Fowler was born and is based in London, England and makes onecuts, multicuts and other forms of collage.

Onecut  (noun)

  1. A collage created from a combination of just 2 images where one image is placed adjacent to, or on top of the other.
  2. A collage in its purest form.

The line that divides an original picture yet gives rise to the birth of a new piece is the making of a onecut. It is the perfect cut that opens the door to inside Louis’ mind. Be it a straight line or a continuous outline cut; the sudden edit reveals a new narrative, the visual tells a new tale. One chance, one take, a onecut is born.

As well as his onecuts (which is a singular technique currently being applied across three projects), this site also features other multicuts collage works, some which were private commissions and others that have illustrated magazine articles.

Browse the site for examples of work, projects and illustrations for previous clients. Interested in purchasing or commissioning some work? Please use the contact form to discuss your ideas and requirements. I would love to work with you on an original, custom piece, whether it be personal, editorial, or anything else.


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